Google to Release a Powerful Chat GPT Rival in May 2023

Google AI is on its way

In May, Google plans to deploy a strong Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) alternative.

This new model, known as Google Chat GPT-3, is based on the same natural language processing technology that Google uses in its Assistant and Search products.

Developers and businesses may use GPT-3 to quickly create conversational AI apps capable of interpreting natural language and offering relevant responses.

Google AI
Google AI

Google – Keeping up with the appearances

Google Chat GPT-3 is projected to be an advance over earlier GPT implementations, giving developers access to a broader, more sophisticated set of language comprehension capabilities.

Google has indicated that GPT-3 will become the most powerful chatbot system available, capable of interpreting complicated inquiries and generating more accurate predictions.

Google’s GPT-3 model would be accessible to developers or businesses of all sizes, enabling them to create highly intelligent chatbot apps capable of comprehending user input and responding appropriately.

What Is CHAT GPT and How Does It Work?

GPT-3 will enable access to a vast collection of pre-trained models, allowing developers to avoid starting from zero when developing new applications.

Google’s top boss hints at “New Experience”

Concerning the project, Google CEO Sundar Pichai noted that the company is planning to show “some entirely new experiences for users, developers, and enterprises.”

As AI technology becomes more popular, major technology companies are investing millions of dollars in developing their own AI tools.

However, Google, for example, is experiencing stiff competition from rival AI technologies and has decided to develop its own.

Google is currently developing a search tool with Conversational ai capabilities similar to Chat GPT. In addition to its AI chatbot search engine, Google is investing in 20 other AI initiatives to deter competition.

Amid the AI wave, Google’s upper management declared “code red” competition with Chat GPT.

Google is now working on 20 AI initiatives, including picture production tools, product lines testing the app, and even a post-production option for YouTube creators.

Chat GPT
Chat GPT

Chat GPT OpenAI Vs. Google AI

Chat GPT’s rising popularity isn’t the only threat to Google, what’s more, troubling is the fact that Microsoft just partnered up with Chat GPT and has plans to integrate it with Bing, one of Chrome’s biggest competitors.

Furthermore, accuracy and security while tackling misinformation are anticipated to be focused on by the Google chatbot.

Google’s hasty AI initiatives demonstrate the company’s desire to stay ahead of the AI trend.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, indicated that the firm is ready to offer “some fundamentally new experiences for consumers, developers, and enterprises.”

In a note to employees, the CEO said that “I am confident about the great potential in front of us because of the strength of our purpose, the value of our goods and services, and our early investments in AI.” “To truly capture it, we’ll have to make difficult decisions.”

Take Away

Overall, conversational AI apps are poised to be transformed by Google’s Chat GPT-3 paradigm.

GPT-3 enables developers to design AI systems that can communicate with humans in natural language thanks to its powerful language comprehension AI and ability to generate human-like dialogues.

The idea is predicted to have a big impact on the development of AI-powered apps like virtual assistants, chatbots, and more.

GPT-3 is primed to become the go-to platform for conversational AI development with additional research and refining of the model, and the opportunities for creativity are limitless.

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